How to Properly Prepare Your House for Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is one of the most significant home repairs you can make. When an old roof fails, water can enter the home and ruin the interior. It can also cause damage to the basement family room and attic insulation. There are few things worse than having a failed roof, so it’s important to choose the right roof replacement contractor.

Before you can hire a contractor to install a new roof on your house, you’ll need to obtain a building permit. The fees can range from $100 to $1,000 depending on the city. You may also need to pre-approve the type and color of shingles you choose. Obtaining these permits in advance will speed up the process. In addition, some municipalities require additional building inspections, which can cost extra, but are necessary to ensure your new roof meets building code.

Proper ventilation is important for your roof. If you have inadequate ventilation, it can cause rotting materials and mold. Proper ventilation can help extend the life of your roof and increase energy efficiency. Be wary of unscrupulous contractors who don’t replace your ventilation. Instead, you can hire a professional company to install new ventilation.

Homeowners insurance may cover the cost of roof replacement, but you should check with your insurer to ensure you’re getting the right coverage. If you don’t have enough money upfront, you can get a loan to pay for the new roof. Afterward, you can set up a payment plan with the roofing company.

Before hiring a roofing contractor in Orlando, talk to your neighbors about the job. Informing neighbors can help minimize the amount of noise and disruption the new roof will cause. It’s also good practice to cover plants and windows near the area where the work is taking place. This also helps minimize the chance that a stray shingle will fall on your neighbors’ property.

Before you hire a roof replacement company, make sure you get your roof inspected thoroughly. A professional will walk every inch of the roof to check for leaks and damage to the flashing and seals. They’ll also examine the home’s condition and whether repairs were performed properly. Incorrect installation of shingles can void manufacturer warranties and make the roof unsafe for your home.

Choosing the right material for your roof can make a big difference in cost. Certain materials can be less expensive than others, such as asphalt shingles. You should also consider your roof’s pitch. For example, a steeper roof will be better suited for wood shake shingles. However, wood shakes require more labor.

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