Car Detailing – What it Offers

Car detailing is a procedure that maintains the car’s best possible condition, particularly cosmetic, rather than mechanical, as opposed to restyling. It also involves the careful cleaning of the car’s exterior, particularly its paint, upholstery, chrome and other exterior parts; restoring the original luster it had when new; and giving it a fresh, new look. It is important for auto detailers to work with professionals who are well-trained and experienced in the art of car detailing. This will ensure that the car is properly cared for and maintained to a high degree of quality.

A deep clean or washing is a type of detailing that involves washing and detailing of your car using a very powerful jet of water and a strong detergent. A deep clean usually involves washing the car’s interior and exterior using a jet of water accompanied by a strong cleaner. It also may involve prepping the surface by using a primer. The interior and exterior of a car may be washed separately. If the interior and exterior of a car have to be washed together, the detailer needs to make sure that the car is thoroughly clean and completely dried before he starts detailing.

After washing and detailing, the car is polished to provide a clean, smooth finish. The car wash and polish service that goes beyond simply cleaning goes beyond just washing. A professional car wash and polish service can deal with all types of stains, grease, dirt and grime, but can go further by offering a number of detailing services. Some services deal with only paint restoration while others deal with everything that comes with detailing, including carbon buildup, corrosion, dullness, and dull finishes. A full service will usually include the washing, waxing, and sealing of your car.

A good detailing company in Palm Harbor will detail not just the inside of a car, but the outside as well. In addition to washing and cleaning, a car detailed will get the tires, rims, brakes, trim, windows, sills, interior and exterior trim polished, as well. This type of detailing calls for the use of chemicals. Chemicals are used because they protect the surfaces from damage, deterring dirt and grime, and removing stubborn stains and spills. In addition to protecting the surfaces, chemicals used in exterior detailing can protect the vehicle from inclement weather, such as snow and rain.

The interior of the car or truck can be detailed as well. This often includes washing, waxing, cleaning, and polishing. The interior can get detailed to include cloth upholstery shampooing, leather shampoo, vinyl treatment, allyl-chlorinated cleaners, wool dyes, leather conditioners, and other treatments specific to your vehicle. Professional detailers also clean seat covers and any available upholstery.

Finally, the car exterior can be detailed. In this case, a professional detailer might wash, wax, paint, clearcoat, or detail. A detailer will clean windows, chrome upholstery, vinyl tops, and chrome-plated areas. These professionals also prepare tires, hoses, and any other parts used in preparing the vehicle for detailing. When done right, a professional detailer can make any car or truck appear fresh, shiny, clean, and well-kept.

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